Thursday, November 8, 2007

Staff Recommendation - A Title to Murder

A Title to Murder: The Carhenge Mystery
by James C. Work

This light mystery's title is a play on words, as it hints at two of the threads throughout the novel -- famous works of fiction, and automobiles. The subtitle is "The Carhenge Mystery, a Western story". Professor David McIntyre is a visiting instructor at Western Nebraska Community College in Alliance, teaching a summer course in literature, and trying to sleuth out what happened to a former student suspected of murder. Cass Deering was a young woman who had a keen interest in classic literature and was known for gifting acquaintances with books which showed them parallels to their own lives. Then a man was found dead in her apartment and she disappeared, possibly with a second man. Prof. McIntyre, with the help of an attractive and clever female colleague, susses out what probably happened to Cass and with which literary heroine she identified. And, yes, Nebraska's motor vehicle replica of Stonehenge is part of the plot! Author James C. Work is a native of Colorado and was, himself, a literature professor. He has done some work for the University of Nebraska Press, as well. -- reviewed by Becky W.C. -- Walt Branch Library

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