Thursday, February 7, 2008

Staff Recommendation - The Nebraska Landscape

The Nebraska Landscape - Images From Home - Volume One
by Michael Forsberg [917.82 For]

I fell in love with Nebraska once again. Have you ever seen an image so beautiful that tears well up in the corners of your eyes? That is exactly what happens to me when I look at the photographs presented in Michael Forsberg's small album The Nebraska Landscape - Images From Home - Volume One. This book is filled with scenic photography as beautiful as any mind can conceive. Forsberg has an eye for connecting the viewer to a sacred stillness that sits deep within the landscape. This stillness is filled with a vital energy which unites man with nature; his use of lighting, subject, and perspective on the horizon all come together to tell a story about the Nebraska countryside. Linger for a while at these incredible photographs and fill yourself with the beauty and light that exists in our natural world. After reading The Nebraska Landscape you'll surely want to experience more of Mr. Forsberg's inspiring visual narrative. Fortunately for us he has another book in print; I would encourage you to look at it as well.

[ official Michael Forsberg web site ]

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