Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Staff Recommendation - Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Boy

Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain! or Cartoonist Ignores Helpful Advice

by Scott Adams [817 Ada]

The creator of the "Dilbert" comic strip about cubicle adventures passes along his observations of life at large. Although I really enjoy his sense of humor for the most part, I was surprised to find out the intensity of his anti-religious attitude. There is also a bit of R- and X- rated language here and there. If you appreciate a wry, intellectual, satirical style of humor and don't mind what, to some, might be rather offensive content, this is an entertaining read. The subtitle is a good clue to what you will discover: "...cartoonist ignores helpful advice". -- recommended by Becky W.C. - Walt Branch Library

[ The Dilbert Blog ] [ official Dilbert web site ]

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