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Ever After: A Cinderella Story

Ever After: A Cinderella Story

The title of this 1998 film says it all: it's the story of Cinderella. Drew Barrymore plays Danielle (Cinderella) and her Cinderella has a great deal of moxie. Dougray Scott is a very handsome prince. But the character to watch is Anjelica Huston as the wicked step-mother, the Baroness de Ghent. She ignores Cinderella and treats her as a servant not so much because she is wicked, but because she is a social climber, hoping to advance the fortunes of her own daughter (but only one -- her other daughter is a tad on the plump side and at the ball, Anjelica impolitely tells her that she's only there to eat. Later, when the prince and Danielle are married and the Baroness is getting her comeupance, she needs someone to speak up for her, but this daughter remarks, "I'm only here to eat." A lovely moment.) Still, for all of her cruelty and selfishness, she exhibits an undercurrent of humanity as is oddly appealing. In addition, the production values are breathtaking. The sets and costumes for THE ball are romantic and sumptuous. -- recommended by Rianne S. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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