Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Dead Zone: Complete First Season

The Dead Zone: Complete First Season

If you thought the 1983 film, The Dead Zone, starring Christopher Walken as reluctant psychic Johnny Smith was the ultimate adaptation of Stephen King's classic thriller novel, you should definitely take a look at this series. Starring Anthony Michael Hall as Johnny Smith, this series (2002-2007) is able to expand the events from King's book (and the movie) over the course of several years in Johnny's life. In the film, Johnny becomes damaged goods -- freaked out by his own ability to see the future, and obsessed with preventing a corrupt politician from gaining power. In the series, that is still an over-arching long-term storyline, but Johnny is a more stable personality, and we also get nice stand-alone episodes that show the beneficial and negative side to Johnny's power. The supporting cast of Nicole de Boer, Chris Bruno, John L. Adams and David Ogden Stiers (in a recurring role) is all very strong, but the star of the series is definitely Hall, and he carries the show with a great deal of wounded charisma. This first season had some particularly good storylines, and sets in motion Johnny's ultimate quest -- to prevent the armageddon he foresees in the future of politico Greg Stillson (Sean Patrick Flannery - who also puts in a marvelously layered performance). Good storytelling, fine production values, and an excellent cast make this a series definitely worth checking out. -- recommended by Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library

[The original Stephen King novel is available in print format.][ Internet Movie Database entry for this series ] | [ official USA network Dead Zone series web site ]

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