Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fringe: The Complete First Season

Fringe: The Complete First Season

Looking for an X-Files type of fix on television today? Look no further than Fringe, the spooky series currently in its second season (2009-2010) on FOX. If you haven't sampled it yet, I definitely recommend viewing the first season on DVD. Much the same as The X-Files, Fringe has a complicated overall story arc, with scattered stand-alone episodes mixed in. The series features FBI agent Olivia Dunham joining a team of investigators looking into "the Pattern", a series of incidents involving cutting edge and experimental sciences. Assisting her is Professor Walter Bishop, a genius who has spent the past 17 years in a mental institution, and his son Peter, a former conman who is the only one who can keep his father's fragile grip on reality intact. Viewers with delicate sensibilities should be forewarned -- Fringe can get rather gruesome at times, and rather scary as well. But it is worth it for the fantastic performances of Anna Torv as Olivia and John Noble as Walter. -- recommended by Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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