Sunday, August 29, 2010

Organizing Your Home

Organizing Your Home: Decluttering Solutions and Storage Ideas
by Emily Wilska [648.8 Wil]

I enjoy books about organizing. I love looking through all the photos and seeing new gadgets in which to store goodies, or read about the latest computer program or online site to compile recipes into one easy-to-use location, or browse through the latest shabby chic scheme for binders, paper holders, and pens. My desk is piled high (ironically it's disorganized) with organizing books. This book took me longer than normal to get through for it had so much to offer. Yes, all good organizing books tell you to go through each room with three boxes - one for toss, one for keep, one for think-about-later; they all tell you to store "like items" together; and that heavy items are stored on the bottom shelf with the lightweight items on overhead shelves. And yes, this book also discusses the basics of organizing. But it also provides a guide for organizing every room of the house without getting bogged down. It covers Food Storage, Photos and Mementos, Home Technology, and Maintaining a Family Calendar. There're several color photos on every page to illustrate ideas along with tons of decluttering and storage solutions. Have luggage or toiletries bags you don't use any longer? Donate them to your local Foster Care Agency as many of those kids only have grocery sacks for storing their few belongings. The Resources list at the back of the book includes many websites for additional information for getting yourself organized. Websites include FEMA for a handy list of what to pack for an emergency; online sites (such as The Container Store) for ordering organizing tools and supplies; strategies to cut down on junk mail; several recycling sites offering info and locations for recycling electronics; how to store photos; where to order replacement china pieces; how long to keep financial records and why; how to safely dispose of medicines; and much more. The author also has a Facebook page and her own website where you can enroll for the Tip of the Week. Have fun browsing through this organizing book, or take your time and do a deep-read for the many useful tips and ideas. [If you enjoy this, you may also wish to try The One-Minute Organizer Plain and Simple by Donna Smallin.] -- recommended by Charlotte K. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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