Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ultimate Sailing

Ultimate Sailing
by Sharon Green with Douglas Hunter [797.124 qGre]

I have more than a passing interest in sailing since my husband sails a snipe and I often photograph the regattas in which he competes. Sharon Green fills the book with colorful photos of sailboat races. Green grew up sailing on Ontario's lakes. She combines her love of sailing with her love of photography to produce these stunning images. Green captured her images by riding in chase boats or shooting from a helicopter above these huge yachts. The photos take from helicopters give the viewer a bird's eye view of these massive boats as they tack and jibe around the course. The pictures taken from chase boats convey the drama of ocean racing. She catches the crafts as they plow through large waves, freezing the instant when water splashes over the bow of the sailboat drenching the crew. Glistening drops of salt spray are suspended in mid-air for all eternity. This is a coffee table book that I can look at often because there always some detail that I missed the other times that I paged through it. That happened when I looked at a photo of rigging breaking and crashing to the deck. The first time I looked at the image I saw the crew scrambling to get out of the way. The second time I looked at it I also saw a crewmember being pitched from the back of the boat. -- recommended by Donna G. - Virtual Services Department

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