Monday, October 31, 2011

Anno Dracula

Anno Dracula
by Kim Newman

Kim Newman's
Anno Dracula is a brilliant piece of alternate historical fiction that blends together real historical characters with literary characters from Victorian era novels. Anno-Dracula takes place in an alternate history London where Dracula defeated and killed Van Helsing and his allies. Dracula has married Queen Victoria and rules England as Prince Consort. Other vampires have emerged from the shadows and now openly aide Dracula's regime. In the dark and bloody streets of London, two investigators, one human and the other vampire, team up to uncover the mystery behind Jack the Ripper, a silver-knife wielding serial killer preying on vampire prostitutes in Whitechapel. Their hunt for Jack the Ripper will take them deep into the dark heart of Dracula's regime and into a confrontation with Dracula himself. Newman's take on the Dracula legend is expertly crafted and equally enjoyed by those familiar with Victorian history and literature and novices to the genre. -- recommended by Corey G. - Gere Branch Library

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