Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Customer Review - Chomp

by Carl Hiaasen [j Hiaasen]

Carl Hiaasen has done a spectacular job in his new book Chomp. He combines adventure, drama, humor, and real-life-issues and danger into one thrilling and laugh-filled book. Included are two snakes (a Burmese Python named Beulah and a Banded Water Snake called Fang), one Alligator named Alice, one Florida Mastiff bat, one snapping turtle, and approx. 2,000 mosquitoes. Humans included mainly consist of a teen boy (missing a thumb) and his dad who practically own a reptile zoo, a teen girl and her dad (who is a drunk with a gun and a quick-to-strike-hand) and a not-so-tough "survivalist" who prefers cheese and jacuzzis to spending one day in the wild by himself, Derek Badger. Along the way, Mr. Badger gets "chomped" by all 2,005 creatures previously mentioned. Think he'll learn to survive? Ssssink your teeth into this good book! -- review submitted by Elanor J. - a customer of the Bennett Martin Public Library

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