Monday, December 10, 2012


by Christopher Krovatin

I don't normally read many books with the main character being male, but Locke's story was appealing to me because of my background in social work. Locke has severe issues with being able to control his anger, something he has been dealing with since he was in elementary school. He and his mother refer to his anger as "Venom" and Locke believes he can actually feel it running through his veins when he loses his temper. Locke is not a bully, but his anger has exiled him from any kind of social life with the exception of one friend, who has problems of his own. His social life changes, whether for the best or worse is up to the reader, when Locke attends a party and meets a new group of people his age. One new person in particular is a girl, who becomes his love interest in the story. The one thing that impressed me about the character is that he is a really good son and brother, despite his issues. His physical description of being very thin and wearing glasses, does not fit the stereotype of a teen with anger issues, so it seems to add another dimension to the character's personality. It's a fictional, yet honest story of a troubled teen trying to attain maturity, self-knowledge and to once and for all, rid himself of the "Venom." The Graphic novel style illustrations make this book really unique and add another dimension to the story. It's my opinion that this book would best be suited for adults and older teens as it has elements of sex, violence, drugs and drinking throughout the story. -- recommended by Jessica H. - Walt Branch Library

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