Monday, March 11, 2013

Moonlit Mind

The Moonlit Mind
by Dean Koontz [Compact Disc Koontz]

A supernatural suspense/thriller. A boy runs away from his family for dark reasons. Ghosts, sex, betrayal, murder, even cannibalism...this book has it all. After befriending a dog named after his lost brother, the boy must return to the home where the incidents keep happening to settle things once and for all and keep it from happening him. The story is told out of order and somewhat hard to follow, and the title suggests very little to do with the plot. [If you enjoy this, you may also wish to try David Ambrose - Superstition, Coincidence; Stephen King - UR, Dan Brown's Robert Langdon series.] [Note: This title was released exclusively as an eBook and audiobook-on-cd, of which the libraries only have this available in the book-on-cd format.] -- recommended by Jeremiah J. - Bennett Martin Public Library

[ official The Moonlit Mind page on the official Dean Koontz web site ]

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