Friday, September 5, 2014

The Outsmarting of Crminals

The Outsmarting of Criminals
by Steven Rigolosi

This breezy novel introduces us to Felicity Prim, a criminal outsmarter. Criminal outsmarting is Miss Prim's second career. She had lived in New York City and worked in a doctor's office until she was mugged. After the mugging Felicity looked at her life and decided that she wanted something different. She retired and moved to Greenfield, Connecticut where she hoped to become a sleuth. Her first opportunity to work as a detective came while Felicity was settling into her new home. She found a secret entrance to a cellar in her kitchen. At the bottom of the stairs Felicity found the body of a recently deceased man. When she told the police about the man she asked Detective Ezra Dawes if they could work together. She pointed out that two heads are better one when solving crimes. He graciously agreed. Felicity made friends (and frightened people with her erratic driving) while trying to figure who the man was and how he got into her basement. This witty book is populated with warm and wacky characters. -- recommended by Donna G. - Virtual Services Department [ see Donna's Reviewer Profile and more of her reviews ]

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