Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Public Library: A Photographic Essay

The Public Library: A Photographic Essay
by Robert Dawson [027.7 Pub]

This is a fascinating and impactful collection of photographs and short essays, focused on the history and future of Public Libraries across the United States. Over the course of more than 18 years, photojournalist Robert Dawson toured the entire country, visiting libraries both tiny and huge, and capturing images of those facilities. Those images -- featuring small shed-like structures all the way up to magnificent new buildings like the main library in Seattle, alternate with thoughtful and frequently emotional stories illustrating the importance of public libraries to the American way of life. From a bookmobile driver visiting impoverished rural areas in the Southwest, to the venerated halls of the main New York City Public Library and its famed reading room, the stories of lives changed and futures made in public libraries are uplifting. And the essays looking at decreased library funding, coupled with images of abandoned and/or dilapidated libraries may make you become a library advocate. As the Lincoln City Libraries campaigns for public support for a new downtown Central Library, I found this book to be both timely and timeless. This book will appeal to both library lovers and to fans of architectural photography -- the types and varieties of architectural styles used in libraries in the United States is incredible! -- recommended by Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library [ see Scott's Reviewer Profile and more of his reviews ]

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