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Stories I Only Tell My Friends and Love Life by Rob Lowe

Stories I Only Tell My Friends (2011) and Love Life (2014)
by Rob Lowe both [Biography Lowe]

I wouldn't have described myself as a Rob Lowe "fan" up to now but I've enjoyed him very much in a handful of the movies and tv shows in which I've seen him. And in recent years he's been 'everywhere' in view, as they say. So, I decided to take a look at these two recent memoirs from this pretty-boy "Brat Pack" alumni and found them quite enjoyable. Lowe, who started acting in local and regional productions as a child and has rarely been out of work in the last 30+ years, being sober and married for almost 25 of those -- but not before falling into the trap of excesses that tempt many a young and handsome actor -- is an excellent writer and story-teller. Lowe grew up in Ohio, but after two divorces and some health problems, his mother moved him and his brothers to Malibu, California in 1976. In this ultimately fortuitous change of fate, Rob spent his teen years down the street from the Sheens and the Penns and in just a few years became one of the hottest young male celebrities in the world, dating everyone from Melissa Gilbert to Princess Stephanie of Monaco. In addition to growing up around current and future acting royalty, he's also met an array of other actors and celebrities over the years, some in odd circumstances, such as drinking milk with a bath-robe-wearing Cary Grant when on a house date with Grant's daughter. Lowe relays such surreal events with both wryness and affection. In addition, I kept being amazed at how he has ended up at so many crucial 'intersections' of pivotal events. For example, and unknown to him for several years after the fact, he was on a plane flight that some of the 9/11 hijackers were using as a practice run in August 2001. For all that he has lived a life of fame and sometimes fortune, Lowe manages to 'keep it real' by recognizing the value of his family and friends and filtering out most of the nonsense that accompanies a life in film and television. The first book is mainly about himself and his earl y career and the second is focused more on the importance of his wife and sons to him, and how he keeps sight of the goal of living an honest and fulfilling life. The title of the second book, in fact, is as much an admonition "[You should] love life", as it is an account of the loves of/in his life. I still wouldn't describe myself as a hardcore fan of Rob Lowe, but he's definitely a very interesting and very hard-working celebrity. And still very easy on the eyes! -- recommended by Becky W.C. - Walt Branch Library [ see Becky's Reviewer Profile and more of her reviews ]

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