Friday, May 8, 2015

The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan

The Ruins of Gorlan
by John Flanagan [YA Flanagan]

The is the first book of The Ranger's Apprentice series. Set in a land of Kings and Queens, we meet Will, an orphan boy who has been dreaming of joining battleschool ever since he learned that his father died a hero in battle. On the day that he hopes to have his dream fulfilled, he is turned away from battleschool due to his small size. Instead the Ranger Halt says that he would like Will to become his apprentice. The Rangers are dark and quiet, and said to practice magic. What will happen to Will? I have had this book recommended to me several times, but always put it off because there are 11 books in this series (rather daunting!). However, it was a very quick read and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I am now reading the 3rd book in the series. -- recommended by Marie P. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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[Also available in Playaway Audio format.]

[ official The Ranger's Apprentice page on the official John Flanagan web site ]

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