Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Star Trek Compendium by Allan Asherman

The Star Trek Compendium
by Allan Asherman [791.457 qStaYa] 

This compendium is all about the original series. It contains information about each episode in all three seasons, some on the animated series, and information about each of the movies. In addition to plot summaries it also has information about the making of the episodes and some trivia. It was probably fun when it came out in 1993, but today all this and more is easily accessed online through Internet Movie Database and the Star Trek Wiki (Memory Alpha). That said I’m not sure what rating to give the book. The trivia and summaries don’t deserve a low rating, but if I wanted them I’d go online. I’d give the book’s content a 7, but because it’s just not where I’d go to read this, it loses some points. If you are looking for trivia, summaries, information on the characters and actors, I recommend IMDB and Memory Alpha, which also include articles on the other Star Trek series. You could end up transported to multiple other articles the book does not include, and to me that’s much more fun.

[If you enjoy this, you may also wish to try Star Trek: The Art of Juan Ortiz, by Juan Ortiz. It is a collection of movie poster artwork he created for each episode of the Star Trek’s original series.]

[ Allan Asherman entry at MemoryAlpha ]

Recommended by Kristin A.
Gere Branch Library

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