Friday, July 22, 2016

Batman: The Cat and the Bat by Fabian Nicieza

Batman: The Cat and the Bat
by Fabien Nicieza [YA (Graphic Novel) Nicieza] 

Barbara Gordon is the main character in the story even though the title suggests its Batman. She’s only been Batgirl for a few weeks and she is put through a test when Catwoman steels a notebook from her. During the recovery of the notebook we see her grow a lot as a character as she tries to prove to Catwoman, Batman and herself that she can do the job. Among other situations this does include following the thief into a nudist club and the doorman insists that the proper attire (nothing) must be worn to enter. I found these scenes rather funny and I will say that everyone’s bits are covered by flowers, fruit bowls, furniture and such so that the readers don’t see anything explicit. I have limited familiarity with the Batman universe, but it was easy to read as a standalone book, so don’t let that stop you if you’re the same. It was nice to read a story about a librarian becoming a hero who has her own personality, strengths and weakness.

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Recommended by Kristen A.
Gere Branch Library

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