Saturday, September 24, 2016

New Book Talk Booklist: The Man Booker Prize 2016

Did you miss Jodi R.'s recent book talk presentation to both the Bethany and Gere Branch BooksTalk groups, focused on this year's Man Booker Prize nominees?

Never fear, her booklist, including all the books on the "short list" and "long list" for consideration for this literary award, is now available in the archives on BookGuide.

The Man Booker Prize nominees - 2016

Keep in mind, some of the nominees for this award are not in the Lincoln City Libraries collection at this time -- in fact, a few have not yet been published in the U.S. (the award is presented for best English language work published in the U.K.!), so our online booklist has hotlinks to the library catalog only for those titles owned in our system currently.

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