Thursday, October 27, 2016

Home by Harlan Coben

by Harlan Coben

This 11th installment in the Myron Bolitar series (or 14th, if you insert into the timeline the trilogy with his nephew, Mickey – and I think you should) have the pair trying to solve a mystery that’s personal to Win. Ten years ago two six-year-old boys on a play date were kidnapped from a wealthy home. A ransom was demanded and paid, but never picked up. Neither boy was returned. One of those boys is the son of Win’s favorite cousin.

But now, Win has sighted one of the boys in London, and after a wild and explosive negotiation, Myron and Win rescue one boy, but we still know nothing about the second boy, and questions and suspicions continue to mount. Count on the unexpected, as well as a, mostly, satisfying ending that ties up several story arcs. As always, Myron and Win are full of side-splitting, smart-aleck banter.

Coben’s stories don’t rely on a formula other than you can count on the first part of a book to introduce you to characters and histories, then suddenly take off with the mystery, dead ends, more questions, and twists – forget trying to read ahead to the ending to see whodunit. His theme always revolves around family – how the events in the story impact the family unit.

Esperanza, Big Cyndi, and Myron’s nephew, Mickey, are back, as well as Mickey’s friends Spoon and Ema. Read this series in order beginning with “Deal Breaker.”.

[If you enjoy this, you may also wish to try the Virgil Flowers series by John Sandford. Start with Dark of the Moon.]

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Recommended by Charlotte K.
Bennett Martin Public Library

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