Monday, February 13, 2017

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call (on DVD)

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call
[DVD Ghostbusters] 

I have seen the two older Ghostbusters movies and liked them, but I’m judging this movie solely on its own merits and failures. The movie starts with a tour of a haunted house complete with a ghost that even surprises the tour guide. Some of the Ghostbusters turn up to investigate. The group forms, they get a HQ and a secretary, they capture ghosts (and release one). Then they discover that one man is releasing lots of ghosts from the other world and they dedicate themselves to stopping him. The plot is very weak and disjointed, they often just fool around being Ghostbusters and make joke after joke that are not even funny. It seemed to me like they were trying too hard and failed miserably, making me cringe more than smile or laugh. What I also didn’t like was that the protagonists were not respectable or clever heroes, even in their own quirky ways. All things considered, this is a terrible movie and try as I may to find redeeming qualities, I can’t. If you are looking for something aside from the two original movies to enjoy, I can recommend ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ animated series. Unfortunately the library does not have copies of them, at least at the moment, but it’s a fun show you could check out through our InterLibrary Loan service. InterLibrary Loan means to borrow materials from libraries outside of Lincoln. Overall I would not recommend ‘Answer the Call’, but as LeVar Burton says “you don’t have to take my word for it.”

(If you enjoy this, you may also wish to try The Real Ghostbusters animated series.)

( Internet Movie Database entry for this film ) | ( official Ghostbusters (2016) web site )

Recommended by Kristen A.
Gere Branch Library

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