Saturday, July 29, 2017

King Kong (1933 on DVD)

King Kong [DVD King] 

After watching the new Kong: Skull Island movie, I was curious about the original. It goes without saying that during the 85 years between 1932 and 2017 when the two movies were made, a lot has changed. However, I really enjoyed both. The story in this one is that a movie maker sets out to a tropical island with a large crew who know nothing of where they are going or why there are bombs on board. The director, the night before setting sail goes to the street of NYC to find a woman to star in his movie and brings her aboard the ship. Eventually the truth is revealed that they are going to an unknown island home to creatures no westerner has laid eyes on. Like in Skull Island there are natives on the island but in this movie they are not so hospitable to the newcomers. The woman to star in the movie in the movie, actress Fay Wray, is kidnapped and sacrificed to Kong who carried her around the island which proves to be home to dinosaurs too. Eventually they make it back to NYC Kong in tow and he proceeds from there to wreak havoc. I felt sorry for him being kidnapped and brought into civilization, so the ending was sad to me, but it was still a wonderful movie and I do recommend it to anyone. There’s a bit of everything here, mystery, adventure, action, romance, and a historical aspect that comes with being made so long ago. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to watch this or the new one to appreciate either, they both can stand alone, even though it’s fun to compare them.

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