Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Father Brown Mysteries: Series One on DVD

The Father Brown Mysteries: Series One
based on the stories of G.K. Chesterton [DVD Father]

Father Brown is a mystery series set in early 1950’s rural England where the effects and sentiments of WWII are still fresh. Based on the books by G.K. Chesterton, Father Brown is an older cleric and head of his parish church in rural England. He’s been around enough to understand the world and the motivations of people which helps him solve the current murder.

His church secretary would prefer he keep his focus on his pastoral duties, but she frequently gets pulled into his investigations. He’s also friends with the local gentry and her connections, as well as her avid interest in the investigation, assist him as does her chauffeur – a somewhat shady character whose skills also come in handy. Father Brown’s participation in the cases is not appreciated by the local detective, nor by his bishop, both of whom try to thwart his investigations. But in the end, we know he’ll save the day.

A quiet, character-driven story with a good mystery puzzle to solve. Father Brown is played to perfection by Mark Williams, who played Arthur Weasley (the father of the Weasley clan) in the Harry Potter movies. The library owns seasons one through three on DVD, each episode is about an hour in length.

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[Also available in traditional print format.] [ Internet Movie Database entry for this series ] | [ official The Father Brown Mysteries web site ]

Recommended by Charlotte M.
Bennett Martin Public Library

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Dorie Craig said...

This show become a recent discovery for me when the first 5 seasons became available on Netflix. I binge watched all five seasons very quickly and just loved it. Such wonderful characters! I hope they produce more.