Thursday, October 12, 2017

Collectibles for the Kitchen, Bath and Beyond: A Pictorial Guide by Bercovici

Collectibles for the Kitchen, Bath and Beyond: A Pictorial Guide
by Ellen Bercovici, with Bobbie Zucker Bryson and Deborah Gillham [683.82 qBer]

Here is a pictorial guide to some items I didn’t even know existed – and I’m a fan and collector of kitchen items of the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s.

I enjoyed browsing through the photos of Pie Birds and viewing the different colors and poses. I remember my grandmother using the black bird gazing skyward and have always regretted that one getting away from me at the estate sale.

Laundry Sprinkler Bottles are new to me. These items are filled with water and sprinkled over laundry just before ironing. My mother owned a Sprinkler Bottle Top with a rubber stopper that she would insert into the top of a Coke bottle and then shake over Dad’s white work shirts. I always thought that was the coolest item, and I still own it. But the bottles themselves I had not encountered before. You’ll find them in cat shapes, as elephants, as Dutch couples, the list is endless. I MUST locate the fireman figurine holding the firehose. You tip the figure and the water sprinkles out of the hose. Now how cool is that?

This book also covers Napkin Dolls (kinda weird), Razor Blade Banks (very handy), and Egg Timers (some pretty cool ones). Fun viewing all around.


You encounter the Decorative Stringholders.

Here is your Halloween horror reading.

Stringholders in bird shapes (one with a pair of scissors through his head! Page 54.) Vegetable and fruit shapes (Miss Strawberry, page 71, with her demonic look). Girl and Women stringholders, Boys and Men stringholders, pirates, SANTA, chefs. And clowns.

I had to stop. I couldn’t make it to the Whimsical Children’s Cups.

Perhaps you are better at horror stories than I. Or you could just skip the stringholders and enjoy the rest of this book.

Recommended by Charlotte M.
Bennett Martin Public Library

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