Saturday, February 24, 2018

The West Wing: Complete Second Season (on DVD)

The second season of the series starts off by finding out who got shot at the end of last season’s finale, and the season ends with a funeral of a beloved staff member. Some character highlights include the President being forced to tell the country about his health, CJ choosing which turkey is the most photogenic and therefore should be pardoned for Thanksgiving at the White House, Toby arguing about school prayer, Charlie trying to locate the perfect carving knife for the president, Josh dealing with his issues with the help of a psychiatrist, Leo defending the Missile Defense Shield, Sam helping his friend run for office with bad results, Donna being the only one worried about the satellite falling to earth and also in the second season we are introduced to Ainsley Hayes, a Republican reporter who shows Sam up on national TV and Leo then hires as Associate White House Counsel.
The drama and humor continue in the second season. The best episode is probably the Thanksgiving episode, but there are many good ones throughout the year. When the president is forced to explain his health it really changes the dynamic in the White House so there is a lot more drama added in-house between staff.

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Recommended by Carrie R.
Bennett Martin Public Library

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