Saturday, December 1, 2018

Review: Hardcore Henry (on DVD)

Hardcore Henry
[DVD Hardcore]

I haven’t seen a movie filmed like this before. From start to finish we see everything through the main character’s eyes. As a result it can be a bit roller coaster like with all the action and may make some viewers motion sick. There is no narrator so this point of view means that the confusion of Henry is the confusion of the viewers as well. He awakes after some trauma with missing limbs/eyes/ect and is fitted with new robotic body parts. His wife is the doctor tending to him and just about when he’s going to get his voice programmed, alarms go off that the facility is under attack; therefore he goes the rest of the movie with out being able to speak. He and his wife escape, but she’s captured by the villain and Henry is on his own, not knowing where he is or what he’s doing, aside from fighting off the villain’s minions who are chasing him throughout the whole movie. He meets a guy named Jimmy who recognizes him, knows his name and offers him help. Jimmy dies, violently and repeatedly, yet appears again later looking different, acting as though this is not at all weird. The truth about Jimmy and the whole plot of the movie is revealed toward the end. This is a rated R movie because it contains brutal violence with blood and guts, obscene language, drug use, and nudity; it’s clearly not a movie for everyone, so viewer discretion is advised. However if you like violent action movies and or FPS games and don’t easily get motion sick, this one is pretty good.
[If you enjoy this, you may also wish to try John Wick; Judge Dredd – The movie or books. The DVD, of the 2012 film (there was on older one from 1995, which I have not seen but have been told is not that good) used to be in the library collection but no longer is. I reviewed it in July 2013, if you are interested. The books are available as paper copies or ebooks via Hoopla Digital. I’ve heard positive things about the books.] [ Internet Movie Database entry for this film ]

Recommended by Kristen A.
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