Monday, January 7, 2008

Staff Recommendation - From the Ashes [DVD]

From the Ashes the Life and Times of Tick Hall
by Scott Morris [DVD 728.37 Mor]

This unique documentary traces the history, devastating fire, and the painstaking rebirth of a house nick named Tick Hall. Native Nebraskan Dick Cavett and his wife Carrie Nye have been the owners of this historic house, built in 1883, for 30 years. When the house burns to the ground, leaving only the chimney standing, Carrie Nye decides that they must rebuild it exactly as it was before. Tick Hall simply must exist. Viewers watch as Dick Cavett and Carrie Nye share their memories of Tick Hall and why they want it back in their lives. The historical architects arrive, and from the sagging porch to the squeaking stairs, they work to accurately build a new 120 year old house. Throughout the documentary viewers learn about the history of the house and the remote area in which it stood. One of the many interesting facts presented in this documentary was that Fredrick Law Olmstead, who created Central Park in New York City, designed the landscaping for the entire subdivision where this house stood. This is an out of the ordinary story that is worth watching. -- recommended by Patty L. -- Walt Branch Library

[ official From the Ashes web site ]

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Just Curious said...

Sounds interesting. I've always enjoyed Dick Cavett as an interviewer and speaker, so I'll have to try this out. Didn't Carrie Nye die fairly recently? I wonder when this documentary was filmed?