Monday, January 28, 2008

Staff Recommendation - On the Wings of Heroes

On the Wings of Heroes
by Richard Peck

Richard Peck's thirtieth young adult novel is a tribute to his real life hero, his dad, who was a World War I veteran. His description of life before the war makes the reader long for that time of family and community, quality and commitment. Peck's main character, Davy Bowman, has a dad and an older brother who are at once heroic and endearing. The dad has a bad shoulder as a result of his military service in WWI and his brother is training as a pilot for the next war. World War II changes everything for Davy. His life is filled with scrap drives, air raid drills, odd neighbors, and growing up early. Peck's usual humor shines through. This would be a great classroom read to help students understand daily life in small town America during World War II. -- recommended by Kay V. - Bennett Martin Public Library/Youth Services

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