Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beware of Unauthorized Reposting!

In an interesting development for the BookGuide site and the BookGuide Blog, we've discovered that the content of many of our postings here are being re-posted without our approval or authorization at the website goodpfbooks.com .

Just to clarify -- the content of postings on
The BookGuide Blog is copyrighted to the Lincoln City Libraries of Lincoln, Nebraska and to the LCL employees who contributed that content for use on the BookGuide web site of the Lincoln City Libraries (and subsequently the BookGuide Blog). Any re-use of this content, in part or in whole (as is happening with goodpfbooks), with the exception of brief sections for review purposes, is considered inappropriate if not illegal.

The re-use of
BookGuide Blog content in this case appears to be as the result of an RSS feed subscription being automatically and mechanically recycled onto the goodpfbooks site. We hope that any and all readers who are subscribing to the BookGuide Blog feed via RSS will continue to enjoy receiving our postings. We also hope that readers will recognize bogus appropriation of our content if/when it appears elsewhere on the 'Net.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and readership!


bibliobibuli said...

the same thing has happened to me with this blog and we managed to trace guy we believe is the perp, ... although he denies it. my friend has the orig screenshot of the registration page though it was hurriedly changed yesterday after i named him on my blog


i changed my initial post which was much much more heated after he contacted me and claimed it was a case of mistaken identity. i now think that very likely.

it is so deeply upsetting when you work hard on a blog, hoping that it will benefit many people ... and then your content is taken by someone just hoping to make money off your work with no effort of their own. the fact that this guy is too lazy to even check his own blog is shown by the fact that your post about content theft shows up on his website

do feel free to contact me by email : sharonbakar@yahoo.com if you feel you want to take this further

Michael Sauers said...

Has LCL considered putting a Creative Commons license on the content of this blog? There are several options but I would suggest the license that allows people to re-post/reuse content as long as they give credit and do it for non-commercial purposes. (It sounds like the perp in this case would fail on both counts.)

pejorg2000 said...

Looks like he's now removed the content.

bibliobibuli said...

i have a creative commons 2.5 license which i think is the right one for me - but it means people are supposed to ask for permission before they use your stuff. quotes of course are fine and part of the conversation of blogging.

i'm happy to let others use my work if they 1) credit it 2) ask me first 3) aren't making money from the posts ... or if they are, they should pay me

i had a creative commons license on my work and it did not stop this guy ... the unscrupulous will always try to take advantage and all you can do is remain one step ahead of their gain

BookGuide said...

Michael -- Thanks...we'd been debating whether to do that or not, and have now gone ahead with a posted CC license. Not that that will stop anyone intent on malfeasance...

Sharon -- Thanks for the moral support! We'll probably just let this situation pass, since the offender has removed our content from his site. It's always frustrating to see what folks are willing to do to try to turn a buck on the 'Net. Sigh...

Scott C.