Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In a Strange City

In a Strange City
by Laura Lippman

Laura Lippman weaves the tradition of the Poe Toaster into this novel. Each year on Edgar Allen Poe's birthday, January 19, a mysterious man goes to Poe's grave, raises a cognac toast to the author and leaves three red roses and a half bottle of Martell cognac by the headstone and disappears into the night. Private investigator Tess Monaghan is lured the cemetery to watch the ritual of the Poe Toaster. She is startled to see two Toasters wearing black capes and carrying roses and bottles of cognac appear. One man shoots the other and disappears. Soon after, roses and messages quoting Poe are left on Tess' doorstep. Tess is forced to solve the murder to find her stalker. -- recommended by Donna G. - Eiseley and Walt Branch Libraries

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