Monday, October 12, 2009

Turn Coat

Turn Coat
by Jim Butcher

This is the 11th full-length novel in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher, following 2008's Small Favor. Butcher has a game plan in place as he's building up (eventually) to a conclusion to the Dresden books, and Turn Coat really felt like the author was getting some of the important groundwork covered as he starts down the path towards his end game. The plot, in a nutshell -- Harry Dresden, wizard-for-hire and a regional Warden in the spellcasters' "police force", has long-time nemesis Morgan drop by, nearly dead and asking for help in hiding from the rest of the Wardens from a trumped up murder charge. Harry's attempts to surreptitiously help his old enemy coincide with his investigation into who on the White Council has been leaking information to their enemies. Although this novel had several excellent action sequences, and the plot moved forward, it wasn't necessarily one of the best of the Dresden books. To me, it felt a bit top-heavy with too many characters involved, and too many political machinations going on. order to understand what's going on in Harry's universe, especially in future novels, this one is still a "can't miss" volume, filled with lots of great lines from Butcher's characteristic wise-cracking anti-hero. -- recommended by Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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