Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Louis Armstrong's New Orleans

Louis Armstrong's New Orleans
by The Thomas Brothers [Music 781.65 Armstrong]

The photographs and maps in this book are reason enough to check it out. But once you take a look at those, you'll want to know more. If you could start at the back of the book and read in reverse, you could trace the accomplished musician, Louis Armstrong, all the way back to his beginnings, including the influence of his birth circumstances, his grandmother's church, the rags-bottles-and-bones men, the Waif's home, the funeral parade second lining, the advertising wagons and the Mississippi riverboats. The book explains how encompassing the influence of old New Orleans was on the ultimate Armstrong jazz music. If you are an Armstrong fan, be prepared to want to check out the Armstrong CDs owned by the library system as you read about his musical development and recording history! -- recommended by Kay V. - Bennett Martin Public Library

[ Wikipedia article on Louis Armstrong ]

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