Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Customer Review - Rot and Ruin

New in JulyRot and Ruin
by Jonathan Maberry [YA]

This book takes place in the land of the Rot and Ruin, what used to be California now is nothing but a few fenced in towns. Zombies or "zoms" are the norm and when kids turn fifteen they have to get a job or face having thier rations cut. Benny is just a normal kid until he is forced into a job with his zombie hunter brother. Together they must not only go out and face the threat of zoms but also the threat of the people who would wish them dead so as not to reveal their villainous secret. -- review submitted by Wyatt P. - customer of the Gere Branch Library

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Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy ROT & RUIN. The sequel, DUST & DECAY, comes out August 30...and I'm currently sitting at a Starbucks writing the 3rd one, FLESH & BONE