Wednesday, August 31, 2011


by Thomas Balmès and Alain Chabat [DVD 305.232 Bab]

Babies is a refreshing documentary that chronicles the first year of life for four infants from around the globe. Babies was shot in Tokyo, San Francisco, rural Mongolia and a village in Namibia. Much of the non-narrative story is set up by these exotic locations, which express the dichotomy of birth, childhood and family on different continents. Cultural and economic differences are silently considered through the similarities and differences between the babies care and development. Cinematographically, Thomas Balmes does not disappoint the viewer visually in any way. Breathtaking silent shots in each locale are narrated by baby baubles and the ambient sounds of each family's environment. Humorous and tender moments are peppered throughout as each baby struggles with siblings, farm animals and personal mobility. This movie is engaging for adult and child audiences. Did I forget to mention the babies are cute, do cute things, and react in cute ways? Squeamish viewers should be aware of a handful of tasteful breast feeding scenes. [If you enjoy this, you may also wish to try Microcosmos : Le Peuple de L'herbe (DVD 595.7 Mic) or In the Womb (DVD 618.24 Nat)] -- recommended by Glory B. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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