Thursday, August 18, 2011

How to Have Style

How to Have Style
by Isaac Mizrahi [746.92 Miz]

Pubished in the fall of 2008, How to Have Style is somewhat of an oldie in terms of the fashion world. However, designer Isaac Mizrahi cleverly wrote this book to be timeless, for a while at least. It's hard to pick up a book about how to dress and not feel some pretentious millionaire house wives vibe, but Mizrahi's voice is tender on the subject. How to have style is simply about personal wardrobe problem solving geared towards getting out of common fashion ruts. Even in sections that do not seem specifically applicable, (i.e. ideas for petites - but you're not a petite etc.), there are useful tips for all. It's a quick read and worth reading cover to cover, not just skimming (of course that's up to you). Instead of focusing on what the problems are, this book focuses on how to fix them. How to develop, create, find, tune and hone in on your own stylish wardrobe. Get out of your jeans, shop on a budget, and find your style icon. A fun and quick read on your way to the mall for wannabe fashionistas. [If you enjoy this, you may also wish to try The September Issue : Anna Wintour & The Making of Vogue. DVD 746.92 Sep, Jackie : The Clothes of Camelot. 746.92 Mul, What Not to Wear 646.34 Woo, or The Bombshell Manual of Style 646.34 Sto.] -- recommended by Glory B. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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