Friday, December 30, 2011

New Booktalk Booklist - A Celebration of Sisters!

Erin S., from the Anderson and Bethany Branch Libraries, presented an all-new booktalk at the Bethany Branch BooksTalk session on September 16, 2011 and at the Gere Branch BooksTalk session on October 10, 2011, on the theme of A Celebration of Sisters!

The booklist from her booktalk is now available on the BookGuide web site on the Booktalk Booklists page. Click the preceeding link to see the master index, or click the link for her booktalk title to see just that specific booklist!

Erin is also one of the library staff members who has a monthly "column" newsletter as part of the libraries' Books, Movies & More newsletter service. Visit the sign-up page (click here) to learn more about "Through the Pages With Erin S." and all the other newsletters you can subscribe to and receive in your email each month!

And don't forget -- although they are on hiatus right now, the Gere BooksTalk and Bethany BooksTalk winter/spring sessions will be starting up again shortly -- starting in early January, we encourage you to stop by Bethany on Friday mornings at 10:30 and Gere on Monday afternoons at 2:30 to hear presentations about great books for you to read!

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