Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tour de Lincoln: Artistic Bicycles Celebrating Lincoln's Unique Trails System

Tour de Lincoln: Artistic Bicycles Celebrating Lincoln's Unique Trails System
by The Lincoln Arts Council [739 Tou]

Remember the Tour de Lincoln public arts project from 2003? You know -- when 71 different variations on the same bicycle sculpture were scattered throughout Lincoln during an entire Spring and Summer, and then at the end of the event, most of them were auctioned off to support the arts in Lincoln? Well, this cute little book was released at the time that all 71 bikes were on display that year. Though it's a bit artsy-fartsy, and occasionally uses fonts and layouts that aren't very pleasing to the eye, the Tour de Lincoln book is none-the-less an excellent guide to all 71 of the bikes. After a general introduction to the background of the project as a whole, each bike then gets its own two-page spread, with photographs, bike title, artist and sponsor names, some brief information about how the design was chosen and created. An article in the November 27th, 2011 Lincoln Journal Star, about a local woman's quest to find all of the surviving indicated that 60 of the 71 bikes are still around (a few in other cities), in case (like me and my wife) you'd like to track them down all over again! [Note: I just wish a similar book had been published in conjunction with the Star Art public arts project that was a follow-up to Tour de Lincoln!] -- recommended by Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library

[ 11/27/11 Lincoln Journal Star article about bikes' locations as of 2011 ] | [ Collections of photos of the Tour de Lincoln bikes: Steve Adamson (Omaha) | Dietrich family (of Lincoln) | CannellFan (Flickr user) ]

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