Monday, December 23, 2013

Look Up! Birdwatching in Your Own Backyard

Look Up! Birdwatching in Your Own Backyard
by Annette LeBlanc Cate [j598.072 Cat]

The colorful graphics of the cover of this youth non-fiction title jumped out at me when a customer was returning it, and I snagged it for a quick read. And that's exactly what is was -- I finished this book in only about an hour. Despite the speed with which I finished it, I really enjoyed this humorous but informative guide to "birding" for kids and teens. The author/artist provides lively illustrations on every single page, and her descriptions of how to go about becoming a bird watcher are funny but inspirational. Her hand-drawn illustrations of dozens, if not hundreds of different bird species are surprisingly well-done. My only complaint about the the art is that Cates regularly chooses to insert "cartoon" versions of the birds -- especially with word balloon captions, as if the feathered critters are speaking to her (the writer) or you (the reader). Despite this awkward element, I can see this book being a great guide for kids just starting off at becoming bird enthusiasts. With the annual Christmas Backyard Bird Count coming up here in December, this might be the perfect time to introduce youngsters in your family to how fascinating bird-watching can be as a hobby, and Look Up! Birdwatching in Your Own Backyard is the perfect way to make that introduction! -- recommended by bird-watcher Scott C. - Bennett Martin Public Library [If younger readers like this light-hearted approach, once you've got them hooked then introduce them to the Audubon Guides or Peterson's Field Guides or Sibley's Guides, with their more realistic reproductions of North America's fine fowl!]

[ publishers' official Look Up! web page ]

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