Monday, December 16, 2013

Reality Boy

Reality Boy
by S.A. King [YA King]

Gerald remembers when he first started resenting his family, the TV cameras were there to help. Growing up known as "the messed up little boy from that nanny reality show" is not easy, but even at seventeen his past continues to be brought up. His family is dysfunctional and how they interact is beyond flawed. Gerald remains to be the lonely little boy who was so horribly mistreated and throughout the novel we are presented with his journey of self discovery and humanism. His new friend Hannah will come to influence Gerald and becomes a large part of his life. By the end of the novel Gerald must come to terms with the real reality, coming to terms with life. I wasn't sure what to expect of Reality Boy when I started reading and at first I wasn't sure I liked Gerald as a main character. As the novel progresses King develops and reveals Gerald as the flawed person he is. What the author accomplishes is excellent, an intellectual look at just what makes us who we are and what is really important in life. I do not wish to go to in depth with the story as that is another area in which King excels, presenting pieces of Gerald's past, bit by bit, allowing the reader to discover the real person beneath the first impression. With impeccable writing and an immensely strong voice, Reality Boy is an excellent book of self discovery. -- recommended by Wyatt P. - Gere Branch Library

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