Monday, April 21, 2014

Boxes: The Secret Life of Howard Hughes by Douglas Wellman

Boxes: The Secret Life of Howard Hughes
by Douglas Wellman [Biography Hughes]

If you like conspiracy theories based on historical people then this book is for you. In this biography Douglas Wellman interviews a woman named Eva McLelland who claims she was married to Howard Hughes for 31 years. This is all fine and dandy except she claims that Howard lived much longer than what his tombstone says. The story starts off when Eva met a man named Nik. He was charming and handsome so of course she fell for him. At first he didn't tell her who he was but she began to suspect when she listened to Howard Hughes talking on the radio and their voices were the same. Around that time Nik also seemed to be ranting about the same subjects and when she confronted him about it he just smiled. In order to conduct his business yet do what he wanted Howard had a double. Knowing that now makes much more sense because he seemed to be in two places at once or even in different conditions at once (labeled by some as long finger-nailed and mentally disabled while the diplomats who met him describe him as well-groomed). For every question Eva seemed to have an answer and sometimes pictures to back her up which makes this theory seem very possible, even though it conflicts with almost every other biography written about Hughes. -- recommended by Carrie K. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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