Monday, April 14, 2014

Uninvited by Sophie Jordan

by Sophie Jordan [YA Jordan]

The government has created a test to locate the "kill gene" lurking within some humans. Anyone who tests positive for this gene, call homicidal tendency syndrome (HTS) can kiss a normal life goodbye. When Davy Hamilton was tested, she never dreamed she would be positive. Suddenly, all of her friends and her boyfriend have abandoned her, afraid she'll snap at any moment and hurt them. Davy's admission to Julliard is revoked and given to a more "qualified" candidate. As if all of that isn't enough, Davy has been uninvited from attending her private school and sent to the cage at the public school — the only school where HTS carriers her age in the area are allowed to attend. There, she meets a dangerous boy who may not be as scary as he first seems. A deadly action by HTS carriers in another city send the country into a panic and all HTS carriers are sent away to camps. When it's time to take Davy away, she's told she can go to the camp or she can be one of a select few, the best and the brightest of HTS carriers, to become highly trained to follow government orders. Davy jumps at this chance, but soon realizes that it may not be the kind of training she can live through, and that it's not neccessarily those with HTS that are the monsters. -- recommended by Sam N. - Gere Branch Library

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[ official Uninvited page on the official Sophie Jordan web site ]

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