Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Customer Review: Ready Player One

Ready Player One
by Ernest Cline [YA Cline]

Ready Player One was a very good book in my opinion. I liked that it combined many different genres. It included fantasy, action, sci-fi, and comedy/pop culture all in one book. The characters were deep, and everyone had their own strengths and weaknesses. People would put up a facade in the Oasis and only at the end of the book do you get to see what they are really like. However, there were some aspects of the book that I did not like. Some pop culture references were too obscure for the targeted audience, young adults. These references, I felt, closed off the book to readers. Also, there were times when the author would repeat phrases four or five times. Maybe this is just me, but I felt Ernest Cline was denying himself creativity. -- review submitted by Gillian T. - a customer of the Gere Branch Library

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