Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pilgrimage by Annie Leibowitz

by Annie Leibovitz [770.924 qLei]

The inspiration for this coffee table book came when Annie Leibovitz and her sister impulsively visited Emily Dickinson's home. Later, Leibovitz made a list of the potpourri of places that she wanted to see and record with her camera. Paging through the book, one learns how Leibovitz selected each location and befriended the curators. The images that illustrate this book have a random quality to them. Some are grand vistas of places such as Yellowstone National Park. Others are intimate photos of living rooms and bedrooms. Still others focus on the details of people's lives such as the blood-stained gloves that Abraham Lincoln wore on the night of his assassination. These photos are a huge departure from the edgy portraits that one usually identifies with Leibovitz. Lovers of photography and armchair travelers will enjoy the stories and pictures. -- recommended by Donna G. - Virtual Services Department [ see Donna's Reviewer Profile ]

[ official Smithsonian American Art Museum page for this Leibovitz exhibition ] | [ Wikipedia page for Annie Leibovitz ]

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