Monday, November 24, 2014

The Returned by Jason Mott

The Returned
by Jason Mott

It begins with a simple story of Harold and Lucille - a couple in their seventies content in their relationship. One day, a man from the government arrives at their door with a simple question - Do you know this child? Out steps their 8-year-old son Jacob - who had drowned in 1966. It was a phenomenon happening across the world. Jacob was found halfway across the world. And so it was, the dead popping up 'Returned' all across the world - leaving the government to deal with scared, astonished, and even angered citizens who asked the unanswerable questions of How? Why? How long? How is it possible? We follow the story of the reunited little family and how their own town drastically changes. We even get stories of how different townspeople welcome - and reject- those who come back. There is confusion in their hearts on how they should feel, where the people truly "belong". And so, a great divide begins across the globe and sections right through the Hargrove's tow n of Arcadia. Is this the "second chance" that Harold & Lucille? How about Pastor Peters? Is this the beginning of the world. Is it the end? -- recommended by Sarah J. - South Branch Library

[Amazon offers three e-book only prequels to the book. I didn't know about these and still felt the story had a natural opening. The titles of the prequels are: The First, The Choice, and The Sparrow. The synopsis of the TV series Resurrection (based loosely on the book) caused my interest in this book but does not fall very closely in line with it at all.]

[Also available in downloadable E-book and Large Print formats.]

[ official Jason Mott web site ]

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