Monday, June 22, 2015

The Raft by S.A. Bodeen

The Raft
by S.A. Bodeen

Robie is on her way back to the Midway Atoll Islands in the Pacific Ocean after visiting her aunt in Hawaii. Having made the trip many times, Robie boards the cargo plane headed towards the islands at the last minute. She is familiar with the pilot, but the co-pilot Max, she has never met. The place runs into a storm and is damaged. Max yells for her to put on a life jacket, and throws her out of the plane. After she hits the water, Max grabs her and pulls her into the raft that he has pulled from the plane. Now, they must survive the shark filled waters until help comes, with only one bottle of water, and a bag of skittles.

Though slow moving at times, due to the nature of the story, it was a suspenseful and quick read. This book was a Golden Sower Nominee for 2014-2015.  -- recommended by Marie P. - Bennett Martin Public Library

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