Monday, October 19, 2015

Looper (on DVD)

Looper [DVD Looper]
One of the best time travel films of the past 20 years! Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis are both superb, playing the same character, Joe. in 2074, time travel has been invented but it is essentially illegal and only used by black market forces, such as organized crime. When the mob wants to make somebody vanish, they send them backwards in time 30 years, where a “Looper” is waiting to execute the unfortunate victim. Things get complicated when old Joe (Willis), a former Looper, runs afoul of the mob in the future, and they send him back into the past for elimination by his own younger self (Gordon-Levitt). Suffice it to say, old Joe survives, and what results is a riotus action drama, with terrific stunts, lots of action sequences, and some mind-bending time travel dilemmas. I was particularly impressed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance — you could easily see his character aging into Willis’ later version of the same man. Terrific cast, and thought provoking action film. I highly recommend it!

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Recommended by Scott C.
Bennett Martin Public Library

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