Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Reverse Wine Snob

Reverse Wine Snob
by Jon Thorsen [641.22 Tho]

In 1982, Leonard S. Bernstein (not the conductor – the writer and publisher) came out with a book entitled The Official Guide to Wine Snobbery. This lighthearted guide to wine (no longer in Lincoln City Libraries’ collection) included the recommendation that one should never spend more than $5 for a bottle of wine. Adjusted for inflation, that would come to about $12 today.

Somewhat in the same spirit (pun intended), Reverse Wine Snob author (and website founder – http://www.reversewinesnob.com) Jon Thorsen advocates a $20 per bottle limit for wine. While this amount seems a little steep to me, more important than the specific dollar amount or the specific wine recommendations (which will quickly become outdated – though the website allows you to subscribe to reviews, to keep up to date) are the author’s general principles outlined in ten “tenets” he espouses, such as “Buy wine that fits your lifestyle; don’t change your lifestyle to fit your wine” and “Drink what you like.” There are also tips on buying wine online and at retailers such as Trader Joe’s. And don’t miss the fun photo of the author’s daughter on page 5!

[ official Reverse Wine Snob web site ]

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