Saturday, January 14, 2017

Danger Girl: Back in Black by Andy Hartnell

Danger Girl: Back in Black
by Andy Hartnell [Hoopla digital resource]

The Danger Girls are a group that work for a James Bond type of character named Deuce who for the most part remains on board the Danger Yacht with Valerie the computer guru. Their missions take them all around the world; in this story there are some team members in Tokyo and elsewhere, but Abby and Sydney are in Sturgis, South Dakota trying to retrieve an old Sioux artifact that can bring back the dead. They befriend a motorcycle gal named Ruby and try to blend in to spy on the person they think has the artifact. They must retrieve it before it’s sold so they can return it to its rightful owners, the Sioux tribe. There is also a secondary interwoven story about Ruby and her mother which unfolds with the main story. I’ve only read a few Danger Girl titles and I enjoyed this one just as much as the others. They all have a lot of action and humor, with some violence and partial nudity, so it’s a graphic novel for teens and adults. If you like James Bond type stories and graphic novels, you’ll probably like this.

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[ official Danger Girl web site ] | [ Andy Hartnell page on Wikipedia ]

Recommended by Kristen A.
Gere Branch Librar

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