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Stationary Bike by Stephen King

Stationary Bike
by Stephen King [Hoopla digital resource] 

A year after his wife dies, Richard Sifkitz decides it’s finally time to go in for an annual physical (only three years overdue!). His doctor tells him that his cholesterol is high and he’s overweight. These are not things Richard didn’t know, but it’s always kind of a wake-up call to have someone point that out to you. While the doctor says that Richard isn’t in as bad of shape as some people, he IS overworking his body–he compares his bodily functions to a construction crew or road crew who is being increasingly overworked… eventually, they stop caring about their job, they maybe slack off a bit, they stop working altogether. The image is a vivid one for Richard, and he paints a mural of it on a wall in his basement, where he sets up his new stationary bike. Richard doesn’t just find himself losing weight, he finds himself unable to stop riding–until he discovers his life depends on it!

Something that struck me as unique about this novella is that it’s not the stereotypical King story. There’s no real blood or gore involved, no scary monsters or edge-of-your-seat intensity. Yet, this is just as clearly a work of Stephen King’s as anything else he’s written. It’s got that quick hook that most of his work has, reeling you in until you find yourself at the end of the story, thinking, “Aw, it’s over already?”

[If you enjoy this, you may also wish to try The Long Walk or The Eyes of the Dragon, also by Stephen King.]

[ official Stationary Bike page on the official Stephen King web site ]
Recommended by Tracy T.
Bennett Martin Public Library

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