Monday, March 13, 2017

Masterminds on DVD

[DVD Masterminds] 

This is a comedy based on the true story of the Loomis Fargo robbery in October of 1997. David Ghantt – a guard at an armored car company – falls in love with former coworker Kelly Campbell. Campbell pretends to love him back and convinces him to steal the money he transports daily, around 17 million dollars. Campbell is following the orders of Steve Chambers and convinces Ghantt to leave the money with them and that she will meet him in Mexico soon. Chambers sets him up to take the fall, sending a hitman to kill him while he lives the rich life. Now Ghantt must evade both the police and the hitman while attempting to get his life back in order.

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Recommended by Carrie K.
Bennett Martin Public Library

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